Disappearing NPCs and Popularity Contest

I was doing a few relationship quests and the NPCs started disappearing. The gold trail would go dark or keep switching. In one case, I walked toward the person, the good circle was around them and everything, and the darn thing disappeared in front of me! Is anyone else seeing this? I had one guy gone so long that I started his quest near the beginning of the game and he didn't reappear until the day before the darkness arrived even though his quest continued to appear in my quest list the whole time. He was just never there and the gold trail didn't show.


The other thing that's getting to me is the making friends bit. I've done a ton of relationship quests (26 or so). Now I've finished the storyline. I was a good character, so now everyone is my friend. Anyone know how to get that friend achievement without doing a partial second playthrough? Can I just turn my friends into best friends by doing quests? Does that count?


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Well, drat. Off to do some evil stuff then. Thanks for the tip!

Reference turning friends into best friends, this will not make the achievement. You have to take someone from neutral or worse (hate) through to best freinds. On my first playthrough I also left it late to try and get this one, I succeded by going to Brightwall and doing a few evil deeds which took most NPC's back to neutral. Then turn them back into friends etc.

I've had lots of trouble with the gold trail.  It frequently disappears, leads me to the wrong place, or switches where it points repeatedly.  The only thing I've found that fixes it is to stop and stay still for a while (30 seconds or so), and that only fixes it sometimes.