Digital Vs Physical versions?

Curious how this works out, Digital is 7.51G, physical comes on 2 disks. Will one play better than the other/have more content?


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The 7.51GB is actually just the multiplayer elements of the game.

When you are in the game you will be required to download an extra 1.95GB if you want to play campaign mode.

That's why there are two discs because the full game is around 9.5GB

Well they both have their own advantages

Hard copy- if you don't like it you can trade it in. You can lend it to friends. You have something to look at if you lose electricity. takes little space on your hard drive.

Digital copy- You don't have to get up to change the game in your system if you want to play it. It will be locked into your account so you don't have to worry about ever losing it. It may work faster being it reading from memory then a disk.

No matter what they still play the same.

They are the same.

Both will be the same, one will take you a while to download and the other means going to the store. Depends on your connection, of the store is 30 mins away, then get a hard copy. The game is good so far, but if you don't like it, you can trade the hard copy.