Digital Version Installation Fail

Bought the game (Call of Duty: Ghosts Digital Hardened Edition, to be precise) when it got to the Gold store section. Thought, hey fantastic, and bought the game. 

At the time I was sitting on a *** line somewhere in another country so I wasn't too despairing when the installation didn't even begin.

I got back to sweden and hooked up my Xbox One to my regular line and booted everything up, figuring this would solve my installation issue; Nope, it didn't.

So to describe it, I'm on the store page for Call of Duty ghosts and I've got the installation button and the add shortcut button thingy. I click on the Installation button

and for one third of a second it shows a loading icon then it just goes back to the install button.

I've tried rebooting properly, I've tried logging in and out from my gamertag (someone mentioned this :P) but it didn't work.

Still paid close to 60 bucks for the game and I *** well would like to be able to play it when I'm off rotation.

I've searched the forum for anything similar but can't find it, so I've tried that too, just some mention about disc installation problems, that doesn't come close to my problem.

I refuse to believe I'm the only one with this issue.

Any assistance would be appreciated

/That old gamer


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My bad, new to xbox, found the game to the right at my games page and installed it from there. Working fine now.