Digital price is insane

Why is it $99.45 in the xbox store for a digital copy when i can go to the shop and pick up a physical copy for $74? so much for going digital only this generation!


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? the normal game (disc) is 59.97 plus taxes, the digital version, i'm assuming comes with the season pass. for the disc its separate

not here in OZ mate, and the digital version is the game only not the season pass i think its a bit much asking that many $$$ a digital game should cost the same no matter which country you are playing it in!

i agree man, maybe the price is different where you are from, wouldn't see why though, i would be contacting somebody higher up if you've never payed that for a game before

In french

69,99 Euros in market.

59,99 in shop.

Happy Ms for the digital Price.

I'm sad.  

Steam box is the real way for correct digital price.

And my one Not read other Microsoft game disque .. I sal lot of digital games

Microsoft had the chance to change rules, like Jobbs/Apple did with Itune (and like Steam is doing with pc games)

They had to be brave enough to set digital copies price at 15/20% less than hard copy (No dvd printing costs, no transports costs, no distribution costs, no shop costs etc etc).


Doing this, they know, meant start a war with big customers like Gamestop.

Microsft had this in mind in may 2013, when they presented their project for One.


Market reaction scared them and anything went back to were we were used.

A great occasion been lost.

Yep I love the couple of digital games I have and would be stoked to go full digital swapping between games is great. But there is no justification for the prices.

It will be hard copy for me.

I live in Italy and today i can buy Titanfall directly from Microsoft store (Disk or DD).

These are the links (first for dvd copy, second for Digital donwload).







Let me save your time and resume here the prices:

59.99 Euros for dvd

69.99 Euros for digital


So 10,00 Euros more for Digital Copy.




yeah if steam can do it why cant ms, i will tell why...pure greed and to top it off its online multiplayer only, the game on disc should be half the price of what it is now

It can't be just greed!

It would be greed if digital would costs like dvd.

But if it costs 10,00 Euros more.. is insanity?!

Or i don't know what.

There is no logical reason for that.

yes there is a logical reason, greed and trying to stuff their coffers with as much as they can

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