Digital Downloads and Xbox One?

I travel out of country a lot so i'm not up on the latest news. I know Xbox One is not backwards compatible. But i'm wondering if all the games I downloaded can be redownloaded on the next xbox? Like my arcade games (state of decay, minecraft, etc) and my on demand games (Dishonored,etc)? There are 2 games that I want to keep for some time, like a year or more, but they just came out. Diable 3 and GTA5 both look like games I would play long after I beat them. But I don't know if I can digital download them onto the 360 and then again on the xbox one.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions or knowledge on these 2 games?


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you cannot download your old games onto the X1

You can keep your digital downloaded games forever and ever and ever... provided you have your Xbox 360.

Ummm Rockstar has not confirmed gta v on next generation xbox one, search that

I would post a link but there's no need since every site says the same thing

As for games on demand, that would be awesome but a lot of games haven't gone on, blacklist isn't there, it's microsofts choice when something is put on the xbox store, I know based on past experience and tech calls to Microsoft

I already own the game but I wouldn't buy it again on demand as I do for every game I really like because Rockstar has warned people not to install the game disc because it runs cleaner and graphically better from the disc

That means gta v games on demand is a bad idea, might not come to demand for that reason