difficulty vs drops, difficulty vs experience. how is it affected? who knows? easy, normal, hard? beyond?

i cant find this information, so i assume we are left to guess? i wonder if i kill the same monster, lets say act one (normal) on easy, if i get LESS Xp than if i kill the same monster on (normal) normal or hard? i wonder the same about drop rates and item quality?

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Hard vs. easy vs. normal there is no difference in drops or xp, normal/hard/easy vs. master I-V there IS a difference and those are the only difficulty that improves xp or drops

Master I: +60% Magic Find, +60% Gold Find, +120% XP Bonus

Master II: +70% Magic Find, +70% Gold Find, +140% XP Bonus

Master III: +80% Magic Find, +80% Gold Find, +160% XP Bonus

Master IV: +90% Magic Find, +90% Gold Find, +180% XP Bonus

Master V: +100% Magic Find, +100% Gold Find, +200% XP Bonus

Easy Medium and Hard grant no bonus.

cool thanks for the response and the link!

Does that mean the difficulty settings are simply for personal perference? I gain nothing by playing on hard?

I have the same question as last post.  I'm not strong enough to play Master-I.  So is it better to play Easy than Hard so that I can run through faster looking for upgrade drops to improve my character???

my sugestion is this is what i did i ran the game all the way threw infernal on normal difficulty then as my char got better gear i was able to up the difficulty and as of now im playing in infernal master lv 3 with relitively liltle dieing This seems to work out for me but everyone has there own playing lv

If you aren't strong enough to play master just keep farming Act III with a group until you get better gear - you'll be getting gold and paragon levels in the process.

@ GreyHawk play on the difficulty that's comfortable for you. Although it grants no additional bonus for playing medium or hard I find easy to be TOO easy to be fun. But that's personal preference - you'll be able to kill quicker on easy and that means faster farming.

Similar question, how about Key drop rates? do they increase on normal/hard, or just the master levels?

what about mobs? isnt easy less amounts? if hard has more,

ie if a group on easy is 10 isnt it 20 on hard?

if so thats more xp.. i think.

As far as i Know the only difference between easy normal and hard is the amount of elite mobs and how hard the monsters hit you.