Difficulty broken... It's still insanely difficult no matter what you choose on MK2 and MK3.

Do I just need more practice or does everyone agree that it feels broken?



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It is broken. The originals were broken. They're going to stay broken.

I just purchased this game and I have to agree. Even when the difficulty is on very easy.

yeah your not alone on this.  saw this on sale for 400ms points and thought OMG all 3 of my favorite games of all time.  then i play and cant even get past the 4th battle no matter what i do.  and forget about doing babalities and friendships OR most fatalities,  never had a problem on the sega versions back in the day but on this one i literally cant do anything.  

These 3 MK titles bring back memories from back in the day so for 400MPS I jumped on it but I don't remember them being this tough. Good to know I'm not alone here.

Each mk has a cheat character to beat the AI. Mk 1 sub zero, mk2 kitana, mk3 robot smoke. For some reason those guys will work for you. Although you'll have to know all there moves without thinking about it. LOL. However if I can do it. Anyone can.