Different weekend event idea (or permanent)

I know there have been talks of 5v5 DM, and Capture, but until then, maybe the weekend events (or permanent) could be a little more challenging that EA could easily change.


COMBINE enemy forces.  They did it with the banshee challenge that we failed.  Maybe have a wave of cerebus, a wave of reapers, and a wave of geth.  Or a wave of some geth, and some reapers. Or a wave with all 3.  Maybe you could have a crap-load of enemies on a level, and they fight each other, and against use, in a last man standing winner take all event.


Yes, I know it doesn't make sense to have the geth fighting alongside with the reapers, but does it really matter?  The first time I played after losing the banshee challenge, I played against cerebus, and on wave 5ish, I heard a bansee scream.  It scared the crap out of me.  Wasn't expecting it, but I loved it!  Bring on multiple enemies!!!


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I definitely think we'll see the mixing of enemies again in the future. I like the addition of the new objective, and I'm sure we'll probably see more added. DM and Capture, I don't think will ever be added - nor do I want them to be. They may even add a new enemy, which would be cool.

New enemies, mixed the enemies both sound good to me.

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New enemies, mixed the enemies both sound good to me.


That would be cool, they could also add a new boss or mix in the Yahg

Collectors,people...possibly add Geth Enemies that weren't in ME3 (like those creepers from ME1 or the Armatures)

Yeah like an epic boss encounter every fortnight that we'd have to defeat to strengthen the Alliance. That i'd go for.

Banshee + Geth Prime + Atlas = Epic Weekend Challenge.

is it even possible to load all that suggested to the servers? might as well add thrasher maws or resurrected Saren as a BOSS wave for fun.