Different marcus fenix skin for multiplayer??

Was playing guardian the other day and had teammate run in front of me taking cover. It was Marcus Fenix but NOT the regular skin. This one had more of a beard and his bandana on his head was more greenish. Has anyone else seen this skin? I tried to ask the guy where he got it but didnt get a response. He was in for one match and left. I cant find any info on the web anywhere for this. Please help if anyone has seen this skin or any info reguarding it. Thanks!


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I've never seen it.

Do you still know the guys GT? It probably is a modification

You sure it wasn't Dizzy with his hat off?

Thats a good point Sparkflow :)

it was Dizzy I thought the same thing when I first saw him but then I looked at his armor

yea it was most likely dizzy with no hat on

I have seen this on the Ruins map. Saw it around the same time as OP—actually more like in the middle of July, but yeah. Was Marcus, except he looked more like the Gears of War 3 jungle Marcus. I didn't play in GoW3 beta, but I knew there were unlockables, so I assumed this guy had gotten a beta unlockable that could also be used in GoW2. But apparently that is not the case.