Differences between this and PC version

I am struggling to get an answer to this question:  Are carrots in the 360 version of this game?  I can make healing potions from Glistering Melon, so I assume no, as well as there are none in the NPC farms.  Anyone see this elusive vegetable?

Also, I read on the Minecraft wiki that each world should have 3 strongholds.  Anyone find more than one?  I found the one, has an End gate, but I was wondering if there were more out there.


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there are no carrots in the most recent update of xbox minecraft and i believe you can produce healing potions with glistening melons ..and  i have only found one stronghold per world with the Ender Eyes

That's what I thought.  I mean, I have found 2 abandoned mines, a stronghold, and several dungeons with chests, and no carrots.  I figured that I would have seen them by now.  I am going to try the "view through rock" glitch and see if I can find more strongholds.  Like I said, I read that each world will have 3, but that may be the PC version only (which is way bigger world-wise).

Yes, the PC version has three, but the world is almost infinity larger. The 360 version has one.

The size is also the reason the minecart achievement is only 500 meters when the PC version is a kilo.

There have been no added veggies in the updates. Currently, there is still only wheat, pumpkins and melons.

What he said^^ :P