Difference in DLC

having a problem connecting to a buddy on my friendslist. we have played much coop together but i have yet to resolve the issue. it does not say what DLC is missing just that it IS missing and thus cannot connect.

Anybody know how to resolve the issue?


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Not sure, but I am having the same issue. With multiple people. Tried the other day with a friend, and it said we had different DLC, when we didn't. Tried with the same friend last night and it let us, though nothing had changed.

just incase yall havent resolved this yet: you and your friend should connect to a party together for voice chat, and then compare what you have downloaded (in your settings, under memory in fable 3) this happened to me when i downloaded the free bowerstone soldiers outfit, it seems it also gives you something to do with traitors keep... dunno why. but yeah, anyways if you or your friend have something different in your fable 3 saves (once again in your xbox memory) it will prevent you from connecting on the basis of 'your friend is missing dlc' to solve it, simply have the player without the dlc that the other player has install it and you should be good. DO NOT have the player that has the dlc delete it, because this will render his/her save unplayable. i know this is a little confusing, but i hope it helps... if you still dont understand, hit me up and ill tell you exactly what i mean, and walk you through the steps.