Didn't play till 11-21, can't I get a break? :)

As stated in title, I didn't come on title the 21st, used 2 week trial, and re-upped my gold since. I have played everyday since the 21st almost and am now level 67... Shouldn't I be worthy of at least knowing when and how much it's gonna cost me to get the rest of the specializations?


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I am almost certain that the extra specs will be available to everyone eventually.  Just a hunch because it should just be a gimmick to get people to play the game earlier.  It's not like those of us with all 8 specs are going to whine once everyone has them so hold onto your hat buddy.

I will gladly still play after I hit 70, but would be more enjoyable if I were still working towards something other than fixing my k/d ratio. currently 3200/3800 with 133 victories and 157 losses, which isn't too bad considering 7 outta 10 games I'm on a team of non-communicating people who don't know which way is up.   :)   124 ctf games, 130 slayer with a mix of all others around 5-15 or so... just recently got into swat which is was cool, just needs more maps in playlist very badly!  Please o please Halo gods rain down on me a code!   :)

*till not title... I just woke up, forgive me...   :p