did you like my map?

oh hey i'am the Flamin RangaX. If you have not tryed my map it's called assassin jumping. you can't use any armour abilutys , not use forge or not cchange the setting  but you can have maxs health. it's in my file share. if you have try it plzz leave a comment of what did you like about it and what didn't you like about it. aAnd what i need to change or put in my nexts map assassin jumping 2.


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Hmmm.. Don't mean to troll and I know what you where saying, but dang.. Seriously I understand about misspelling words and spell checker not catching them but wow..  and the grammar? wow again.  I really hope English isn't your first language.  

     But with that said I think I may check out your map.  But I would like a little bit more information/detail into what the map and game mode is about...  and please use spell checker and check your grammar before responding.  

Lol! .

I don't understand...

theres 2 jumping assassins behind me?

asssassin jumping..........nah no thanks. not for me.

Hey is Vanquish worth a buy? I played the demo but I still find it really hard and chaotic. Do you ever get used to 500 missiles on the screen at once.

nah its more of a rent than a buy. and for the missiles, you get used to them after a while.

Your map was garbage. You should start completely over for AJ2.