Did you know...*insert here*....???

Share things about the game that isn't widely known.

Did you know that if you play fetch with chop.............with a grenade. Instead of throwing a ball, throw a grenade. It won't kill em though. No animals cruiety here.

Did you know...........In the ONLINE MODE, in the middle of a battle, while your in cover(very important), you can eat food from your inventory to quickly restore your health. Outside of cover, your character will do the eating animation and will not get as much health.

Did you know...........you can lose the police helicopter in the wind fan fields. The copters will have a HARD time not running into the giant fans. 


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i didnt even know you could keep food in your inventory.


where do you get food at?


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Oh really, I didn't know there was another thread like that, and I went back like five pages to see too.