Did they remove the Horizontal and Vertical Camera Options??

I've played every single Lego game, and I just noticed from the options menu that they removed the Horizontal and Vertical camera options. 

It is now forced. I play the game with my wife and we usually turn off the dynamic camera because we start getting dizzy from running around etc... but noticed in this new game you can not turn off dynamic... it more forced now at certain areas.

So far, we both love the game, but this is the first lego game that we are having a really hard to time playing together because of the camera issue.

Anyone else noticed this?


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I have not noticed but I really dislike the dynamic split-screen as well. This is disappointing.

I do not think they will be able to add the option back into the game either. It looks like it is pretty much built in to the game (hardcoded) and scripted.

My wife and I don't really have a problem with getting dizzy it just gets annoying >.< this is the only thing I dis like about the game. they could come out with a update but I doubt they will =/

I wrote to them regarding this cause i want to invert y my camera and i couldnt find the option either.

Im waiting on there reply.

I also sujested to them to patch this somehow through xbox live updates

@Lord Infamous76; Yes; please allow invert controls on flying!

I guess from their reply they wont change a thing to reverse camera controls  =(  very disapointed  

Maybe if enough people complain to them they will fix it.

this is their reply;  Greetings Luc,

Unfortunately the default camera is by design. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Best Regards,

WB Support

WB Games Support