did they fix this

i loved Forza 2 and had the LCE Forza 3 but when i saw they took away the option to tune your car while in a lobby i lost interest, did they bring it back in Forza 4?


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ugh!! oh well i guess i will get this later

You cant tune your cars in the lobby but you can load your tuning setups.  I just save multiple cars. Example. 1 for drifting 1 for racing.  I do miss the online tuning lobby from F2 and I was shocked it still didnt make a return.   Like I said, just save multiple cars. 

i know thats an option but i dont want to spend alot of time just turning laps and tuning i prefer some competition and some tweeking, thats just more fun for me. i will get the game when i can find it used at a good price

Probably because you can join an A class lobby, or RWD drifting lobby, then "tune it" to take advantage of certain things.  Like getting into RWD drifting lobbies and using AWD cars.