Did they actually fix this game?

Something is not right...I havent entered a single lag infested lobby at all today. The lag comp is almost non-existent.


This is unheard of! I usually get randomly kicked or lagged out the first couple of games. Has anyone else noticed this?


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Well, the "patches/updates" do usually effect one person (for the better) and the other person (for the worse). Sooooooo, enjoy it while you can, LOL. Ill mention, it hasnt been too bad for me the whole time thus far. Sometimes better, sometimes not, but overall, OK.

Ive heard alot of moaning on the enemy team though...so something happened lol

I haven't noticed any difference in terms of lag comp for the most part, but I have had a few good games. I find that most of the new fixes are with weapon balance, & I love the new changes! All that they need to fix now weapon-wise is, IMO, quick-scoping (that is to say, get rid of it).

Its not going anywhere so don't get your hopes up.

Win some lose some.  Still finding it very hit & miss but would have to say more miss since the last update. Just played a couple of games of Dom, one game went very nicely positive, but then it was back to just about breaking even and watching on kill cams to see I actually hadn't even raised my gun let alone emptied the full clip into some1 who then turned appeared to 1 shot me only for the cam to show them putting half a clip into me lol

Suppose it will work it self out eventually :-)