Did not receive account activation e-mail.

I have been playing fine since day one but I did not receive the account activation e-mail. I contacted Zenimax on Tuesday morning but still no reply. I will be *** if I suddenly can't play tonight or tomorrow because of this. Any one else have this issue or know what I should do? I contacted Microsoft support last night and they said they can't do any thing for me.


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I don't have an account on there site...

Ye, might be a over-load on tickets right now with issues. Hope they get back to you though, would suck to lose progress/etc. I don't think you would though. But I could b e wrong.

The account you made on TES:online (One you have to verify) you should be able to log into there website using that and it should tell you that its not activated yet and that they'll send you a verifaction e-mail, hope that works.

My best bet is go to TES:Onlines website and log in there, it should tell you that you need to activate the account and should send you another e-mail. If i'm correct though.

When I enter my e-mail to try and login it says no account matches that e-mail... I don't know whats going on but its super lame and still nothing from their customer service.