Did not get community reward yesterday

I had earned 100 keys in FRANCE.  When it cycled, I didn't get any keys in the gift area.

Also, there seems to be a small issue w/ the number of cards you can play.  If I'm on the page where I'm going to select the # of cards and then the tickets increment and another card is added, you can't select that new card.  If I select it, the cards don't load.   For example, If I have a # of tickets and it shows I can play up to 3 cards, if, before I make a selection I get more tickets and then the 4th card becomes available and I select 4 cards, they don't load.  I have to go back out to home, then re-pick play so it starts w/ the 4th card available.   Then it runs fine.

  1. What version & build of Windows are you running?  WINDOWS 8
  2. What is the make (who made it) & model (if you know it) of the device or devices you are using?  SURFACE TABLET
  3. About how long ago did you start having this problem? THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE EARNED A COMMUNITY REWARD
  4. Have you noticed this problem happening on any other games? N/A
  5. Describe your problem. Please explain what happens from the time you launch the game until the problem happens.
  6. Please post any other details or notes about your problem here:

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Didn't get the 100 keys from France yesterday. It hasn't appeared as a redeemable gift either.

Surface RT, Win 8.1, MS Bingo free edition.

Today (monday) the keys were there as a gift (clicked the small gift icon at the bottom of the home screen). Thanks, but why do I have to wait 3 days for the keys to appear?