Did Mass Effect 2 seem shallow to anyone else?

I wasn't a bad game...far from it.  It just seems like there should have been more.  Most of the game was compiled of crew member story missions.  After the initial start there were less than a handful of story driven missions then BOOM the end 2 end missions.  It wasn't as deep as the first either.

I ask b/c these were things I thought most gamers would have thought were very poor decisions, yet it seems ME2 gets high praise anyway.


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Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games I have ever played. It is far from shallow to me.

I loved it. But then again I didn't much care for ME1.

me1- ok

me2- median, they better put their work to me3!

I thought it was fantastic.  ME2 had things here and there that I didn't particularly care for but they seemed minor compared to the rest of the game.

Nope, just you. Mass Effect has always been a character focused franchise with an over-arching story that revolves around you.

While you might not have liked it, the vast majority of those who have played it really enjoy it. Including myself, top 5 of my favorite games over the last 30 years.

I agree. It was a good game. But there were lots of little touches normally present Bioware games that simply weren't there in this game. Bioware used to spend 3 or 4 years working on a single title. But since being acquired by EA, they are being forced to pump out in a much shorter time frame. They simply don't have the time for all the polish that they were once known for.


The one exception to this is their upcoming MMO The Old Republic. It has been in development for a long time and hasn't been rushed at all. I'm generally not in to MMO's, but I might have to give this a shot so I can once again see Bioware in their former glory.

It wasn't so much shallow as it was more tightly focused. In the first game you were an Alliance Marine and then a Spectre, so you had the freedom to do whatever you wanted, basically. This meant you could explore the entire galaxy at will, what there was of it to explore anyway. In the contrast, in the second game not only have you died and gotten better, your benefactors would like you to save the galaxy in return. Since a) this was your primary mission in the first place, b) the threat just showed it's fangs with how easily you got punked and c) the attack means there's less time to faff about doing mineral surveys, it's logical that Shepard would want to get back in the fight as soon as possible and break some noses (insipid reporters notwithstanding :p)


The only thing I didn't like about ME2 was how readily the Illusive Man became all buddy buddy with Shepard. In the first game I completed every single side mission and disrupted a LOT of Cerberus programmes, destroyed all facilities I encountered and killed EVERY Cerberus Operative I came across. And the Illusive Man didn't even mention it in passing or anything, and didn't even hold a grudge. He was falling over himself to give me new technology for cryin' out loud, technology that would absolutely POSITIVELY be used on him and his posse the first chance I got.

Shallow, no.


Disjointed, yes.


The individual elements were good. Tali's loyalty mission for me has been the best part of either of the two Mass Effect titles.


However none of the elements really bind together very well. The entire game to me feels as if it is a series of DLC missions, loosely connected to the over-arching plot but really having very little to do with it.


Of course it doesn't help that the Collectors, who are meant to be the big bad, are such a pushover when you encounter them. Plus as an antagonist, Harbinger is a pale shadow of Saren.

shallow no - to me it changed from RPG to TPS with RPG elements. Gear of war ala ME to please gamers that find RPGs boring.

Compared to ME1? Yes.

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