Did I *bleep* up? (Question related to eliminating gang operations)

  • I have eliminated all gang operations and now I have a problem. I haven't completed all the Assassination missions. In fact, I only completed one. The next one I need to complete requires me to draw out a Luchradore gangster out into the open by harassing his guards. I can't find any of the gang members anywhere because I have taken over every island 100%. How do I fix this problem?
  • I also need to eliminate the specialists for challenges but I can't find any gang members. I hear their rare somewhere but I don't know exactly where.
  • Could somebody please help me out here?

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A: Far as I know, once you have completed all gang operations on a island, no Morning Star/Deckers/Luchadore will show up, only Saints. I'd suggest next time, as soon as you're in Steelport complete the first 32 Assassinations, then the remainder when you've got Viola as a Homie and have seen the Mayor.


B: Same here... once all gang operations are completed, the only time Specialists (and any remnants of rival gangs) will appear, will be during activities (Like Snatch, Trafficking, etc). All I can suggest for the Specialists, is to repeat Snatch/Trafficking in the former areas once controlled by the gangs, and focus solely on killing the specialists.


C: Hope this helps.

I think I have the same problem just finished up the game and I still need these too.  What about if you start a co-op and import your character,  will your challenges info keep updating and then you could do the assassinations?

I would think so... Haven't tried that myself yet though. Something similiar to this worked in SR2, when I was going after the 'Crowd Control' achievement, joined with a friend who had finished the game, but needed that achievement as well. The two of us both got it (as well as many others) via Co-op, so I would guess you could do the same for the Challenges/Assassinations for SRTT.

This happened to me and a friend. Even if you've taken over everywhere you'll see the odd gang member on the street. We had to get wanted by the Luchradores and then go to the area it told us to get the assassination target to appear. I think we managed to find a few around the Luchradore casino. I have always been able to find some Luchradores around Angel's crib too even after finishing the game.

Hopefully enough come after you to keep the wanted level up for them. I had to do this method for killing their specialists for the challenges.

there are two assassinations that have require you to mess with gang members

if you already own the area just set the assassination target and kill anyone in the area, the gang notoriety will still go up and the target will come out

^ Nice.