Did ELITE change?

Anyone else having this problem?

When I go to elite,it doesn't let me pick what I want to play ''Kill Confirmed'' , ''Domination'' Etc......It picks for me. 


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They condensed them into one playlist. Apparently they have limited playlist space....

I don't like it. Cause it keeps picking Team deathmatch for me and I HATE team deathmatch. Wish I could get a refund now.

lol a refund for a year subscription just because they condensed the playlists? The more playlists they have the worse matchmaking gets. Besides, in a few weeks they add all the DLC to regular rotation so then you can just pick your game mode and the new maps will pop up.

Yeah, I dont like not having Domination by itself. Guess Ill play standard for a while.

Yeah true...I just hate that it keeps picking team deathmatch for me. I am a kill confirmed and domination fan.

I 98% of the time play HC dom, and I don't play the Elite playlists based on the fact that half of the time people vote team camp match. I have only played the new maps a handful of times each.

I haven't played them once. I'm a HC Dom guy as well I figured elite was already a waste of money anyway so I might as well wait til I can playmy game mode on the maps