Did anyone else save The Collectors ship?

Spoiler :- Did anyone else choose to save The Collectors Ship at the end of Mass Effect 2? Could this be a mistake on my account, or a sources of more fire power in Mass Effect 3?


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I've saved it a number of times just to see what will happen in ME3.


Pretty sure it is going to turn out to have a negative affect considering what has been reveald this week.

Just done it the once so I have a save to see what happens in the third game. Otherwise I always destroy it, no-one should have control of technology like that.

Im the same. Just the once for story purposes.

Destroying it seemed right at the time, but I plan to get my renegade shep to keep it, but who knows both ways should offer benefits I hope.

I blew it up.

I didn't destroy it with my Paragon Shepard.  I thought we could learn something from the Collectors on how to stop the Reapers.  After the ending, and it showing the big red sun, I knew I made the wrong choice.  Darn you Illusive Man!

I've blown it to hell everytime, just like Morinth...:-)

I thought it would be extremely beneficial with the war against the reapers. I know it doesn't seem right giving that kind of power to the Illusive Man but you have to think of the greater good.

I always expected this game to kind of trick you. You can't let morals get in the way of logic.

But then I thought about it again. The average Mass Effect player would choose one side whether it being Paragon or Renegade and stick to it. Unlike me who is a little bit of both because I do what I thought was the right decision at the time. But in the end I saved it just to see what would happen.

Honestly, I always destroy it. I know I should at least do it once but I just can't get around to saving it.

I kept it.

I also only play with one main Shepard, with both paragon/renegade choices determining the context of each situation and this is the only time in which I really regretted the choice I made, especially seeing how the Illusive Man was eying it at the end...

But hopefully there will be a way to atone it in the events of ME3, as I intend to use the only same Shepard through the finale!

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