Did anyone else notice HaloCharts closed down?

I'm not sure how many stat junkies we have here, but I do enjoy seeing in depth stats about my gameplay quite a bit. It's fun to know random things like average kill distances and such, and then compare the abundance of stats to other people in the world, or your community. HaloCharts was a great place for this, and I started tracking myself when Reach came out. It was a very nice website, for those of you who never used it. It had amazing depth in player statistics.


Well, I just tried to access it, and it turns out that in the past 3 or 4 weeks since I've checked it, the site has been shut down. I guess the founder of the website couldn't afford the amount of time he was putting into it. I had no idea that website was being run by one person. I figured it would have been a small team maintaining it. But alas, after 4 years, HaloCharts is no more. I guess HaloTracker will be my new home for stat tracking. Kind of a shame, though. It was a pretty big community over there.


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As a great man once said when I told him HaloCharts closed:

'Why the *** is that?'

'Sadface : ('


'Must play Skyrim sorry dude : ('



It'd be nice to know exactly why Halocharts closed. Best leaderboards IMO. HaloTracker is cool and what not, but the page design is REALLY bad...


R.I.P Halocharts, you were awesome, thanks for increasing my already big ego. :(



I was fairly disappointed when I heard about it  and when I got around to trying to check it... Yeah. It's a pretty sad thought : (


(Hilarious by the way Speedy, I recognise those words :P)

Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that, I was pretty disappointed to hear about it. Best tracking site ever...


(Lol Speedy.)

For those interesting in getting their Halo stat fix, you can visit www.HaloTracker.com. We have an abundance of features and a community as strong as HaloCharts was. Monthly tournaments and events are also common nature; definitely consider giving it a visit.


Feel free to message me online or on HaloTracker if you have any questions regarding the site.


In response to Speedy, we've added an abundance of themes and other features to make sure things are good to go.


Firestream closed HaloCharts because he, like everyone else, has a life to live. Things can only go on for so long, and family and real life come before managing a fan site. Plus the demanding amount of maintenance is also a stressful situation. After four years of activity, I think Firestream has done more than enough to earn himself a break the experience. He's been on HaloTracker from time to time, which is always good.

Why your stats, Bungie's stats and HaloCharts' stats are all so different, I have no idea...


Also, that's a horrible skin, no offense.

@Darkened Night, I've been a part of HaloTracker almost as long as I was HaloCharts. But I did notice when comparing the two sites, that each site had certain stats that the other site didn't have. I can't remember specifics.

I didn't go on it much, as I only play Halo 3 occasionally. It does suck that we lost a great website though.

it sucks he had to shut it down,