Did anyone catch this....

"Possible Spoiler"

Like in the other Dead Space games, the first letter in each chapter will spell out a hidden message.

B: Beginnings (Prologue)

R: Rude Awakening (ch. 1) 

O: On Your Own (ch. 2)

T: The Roanoke (ch. 3)

H:  History's Ember (ch. 4)

E: Expect Delays (ch. 5)

R: Repair to Ride (ch. 6)

M: Mayhem (ch. 7)

O: Off The Grid (ch. 8)

O: Onward (ch. 9)

N: Now We Know (ch. 10)

S: Signal Hunting (ch. 11)

A: Autopsy (ch. 12)

R: Reach For The Sky (ch. 13)

E: Everything Has Its Place (ch. 14)

A: A Change of Fortune (ch. 15)

W: What Lies Below (ch. 16)

A: A Strange City (ch. 17)

K: Kill or Be Killed (ch. 18)

E: Endings (ch. 19)

"Brother Moons are awake"

I wonder if this will tie into Dead Space 4, if they make another one.


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Forgive me, for some reason it did not separate the words.  It's been a while since I've chatted on the forums. So I apologize  for that.

Well Isaac did say, it wasn't the marker home world after all, and he stated that there are other moons. Or was it Dr Serrano that said that about other moons?

Yeah they definitely left the Dead Space universe open for more content.  Just so happens that the first DLC is called Awakened.  Coincidence?  Nah....

I can't remember who said that there are Brother Moons.  They also have markers just waiting for a convergence event, some organic matter to awaken them and start the whole process over again.  Earth still has their black marker.  Where did that come from?  Who built it?  Someone had to originally put that marker there with hopes of someday harvesting the inhabitants but who?

Still left a lot to be answered.

Actually I believe the Black Marker was destroyed in the events of the first novel: "Dead Space Martyr"

Altman sunk it and the installation, but the Marker itself is still intact, just at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

If the series returns to its roots, I'm excited and really hope that's a hint towards DS4 (that thing after the credits, anyone?). If DS4 stays in the RE path, I'll pass it and wish it would never see the daylight, though.

very awesome

I'm actually ok with the direction mechanics have taken to a degree, especially as there is a classic option to switch to.  My big issue with the current direction is it made things way too easy, too fast.  By chapter 4, I was having very little difficulty with anything.  In regards to the moons, it was described as a organic network and I am sure the events on Tau Volantis have alerted the rest of the network in some way.