Did 343 redeem themselves?

How's Halo 5 since its release 2-3 days ago? Is it better than Halo 4 & MCC, did 343 redeem themselves or just *** us over again?

I would like to know as soon as possible before I buy it, thanks.


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they did in my opinion! warzone is awesome!

Story is awesome & multiplayer is the best theyve done in a good while..

I would have to say, I call it redemption for sure!

The Story = Beautiful work of art ( Sadly, I hate to have to wait for Halo 6 only to get another 15 missions )

Multiplayer = So Competitive, yet so fair. I love it.

Totally worth it, IMO.

Totally redeemed themselves.

After the MCC. I was sceptical about Halo 5.

I took a chance to pre order it because I liked the look of Wazone.

After getting it I find that not only is warzone great but Arena too.

How can you say beautiful work of art  other than the cinematic trailers? I played the 1st level, graphics suck.  There's a waterfall on the first single player mission off in the background; Looked like oringinal Xbox graphics. How can this be allowed?  Instead off 343 spending so much time on those animated trailers they should focus on the gameplay graphics. The movement of controls aiming boosting punching jumping feels wacky too. Sloppy Work  disappointed.  Tired of all these game review websites giving lousy games great reviews.

Gr3yxWolf, can you show me some proof on Halo 5 graphics?

If it really does look like a very late Original Xbox game, then I will be disappointed there.

He doesnt know what hes talking about Ragnarok5000, the controls are fine & the graphics are great.......  

You might have some kind of delay in youre television settings if you feel the movement of the controls and the aiming are wacky, because it seems as though everyone else is playing just fine with no issues on the controls, and no issues with how great this game looks..

Looks and plays great as far as I am concerned.

It looks like they *** our wallets. The single player is amazing and the multiplayer is free to play. The only problem is its pay to have fun. If you want vehicles or weapons be ready to shell out money. Its back to the days of the arcade, whoever is willing to spend the most quarters wins.  Stick with Halo 4 multiplayer. 

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