Dice, when will you figure it out?

We want the ability to identify and mute other players!! I couldn't even talk to my squad yesterday because some D*ldo not in a squad was forcing the entire team to hear his g*y EMO music.


This option is pretty much standard for online games now but Dice NEVER puts this into their games. Is any one else bothered by this? I mean in a game that is supposed to be about teamwork shouldn't we be able to pick who we can listen to. At least show us who is talking so we can mute their profile.


(and a vote to boot from squad would be nice too)


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Good Looking... I agree, Toggle Mute Prease.

i could not agree more had some poleish doing that its a total pain to go through player list and mute everyone just to find out who it is

Absolutely agree. Along with an ability to back out of lobbies in between games.

yes if there is team chat we need to see the mic icon and beable to quickly see the gamer profile so they can be muted.

but if they don't fix this then i will just play in with party chat on.

remember to report this request in the battlelog forums.

the game is team chat now? finally!!

I hope they have the mute option in the real game. I was playing with someone who had his tv up to loud and after asking him to turn it down I just left the squad because I couldn't figure out who it was.

Every game should include a quick mute function.

they test the online part with other dice co-workers instead of on xbox live with the immature annoying idiots that plague xbox live.  if they ever bothered to play on xbox live, the in-game mute feature would become their top priority.

to boot or not to boot that is the question