DICE should have stayed with US ARMY instead of USMC

Why go with the USMC again? Weaker armored vehicles, weaker helicopters... just from a "battlefield" standpoint the US Army is the king of the modern battlefield from Iraq to Afghanistan and beyond.

From Apaches to Little Birds, Abrams to Bradleys, Mraps to Humvees, the USMC is always second teir. This is just a fact of life. They are a sub-branch of the US-Navy so their vehicles and weapons are never as good as the US ARMY.

Did you guys know the Super Cobra is built on a Huey frame? That is tech from 1950. Same with the LAV. Old, out dated, etc.

I know the game will still kick @@@ but I just wanted to vent somewhere about the stupid and unrealistic use of the USMC as the main fighting force in Battlefield 3. I will sure miss that US ARMY AH-64 Apache gunship raining down destruction...

Disclaimer* this is not a USMC bashing post! Just stating facts!


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This thread is drifting fast and before it turns into a bash thread, I'm going to lock it up. Happy gaming folks.

ok, thats not really what i meant, show some marine stats as far as to what theaters they were deployed and casualities, and then compare percentages, oh and lets make sure that no army air corps units are mjxed in with reg. army; but the meat of what i said about combat arms and the marines being a stand alone force-argue with that

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@ Dirty from your signature I take it you are a big hit with the ladies lol. I just hope that they balance air power in this game and give defenders a few more anti-air guns per spwan.


I'm a big hit with my wife and for me, that's all that matters. Remarkably, I love that woman even after 15 years of marriage. lol

Anyway, Marines, Space Marines, cowboys, wizards, midgets with assless leather chaps on...I don't give a flying monkey crap what my character looks like. It's all about gameplay, baby!

I am sorry Apocacide but there will be argument, backed up with sources. Contrary to popular belief, THE US ARMY WAS IN THE THICK OF PACIFIC OPERATIONS DURING WW2, including amphibious landings and island assaults/island hopping. These are things I already knew but it is fun to confirm it with sources. Please refrain from spreading false information in the future.

Background Information on U.S. Army Divisions in World War II

During World War II about 16,000,000 personnel served in the U.S. Military. Approximately 11,200,000 or 70% served in the U.S. Army (4,200,000 served in the Navy and 660,000 in the Marines.)

There were three major theaters of operation during the war: Pacific (22 Army divisions were deployed to the Pacific), Mediterranean (15 Army divisions), and Europe (61 Army divisions). 

Days of Combat

The ten divisions with the most days of combat are listed below.

Days of Combat Division                Theater

654   32nd Infantry Division         Pacific

600* Americal Infantry Division   Pacific

592        37th Infantry Division            Pacific

521        1st Cavalry Division              Pacific

Casualties Division               Theater

9,212 7th Infantry Division Pacific

8,812 96th Infantry Division Pacific

7,461 77th Infantry Division Pacific

7,268 32nd Infantry Division Pacific

7,012 24th Infantry Division Pacific



well idk why the harrier isnt in, that would be a fun ride, and the marines dont operate any A-10's so why thats in is a mystery

Well i will be happy with either,Being a Brit,USMC or US Army are both pretty badass to me.

having said that, op has a point with the bradley thing, marines dont really have mechanized inf. that lav is not an apc

there was basically no army in the pacific theater during ww2, the marines are not a unit, they are an army, its like this-the infantry is trained to seek out and engage the enemy, kill them or die trying, the cavalry supports the inf. with direct fire, the artillary supports the inf. with indirect fire, those three make up the combat arms and that is it, the marines have their own set of combat arms, and can conduct battle anywhere on their own, special operation units fulfill entirely different missions, and most have not been inf. prior to sp. ops. thats why they all go to ranger school, its a condensed version of inf. school, no point in arguing, ive been involved with all of this my entire life

Wow this thread got popular.

Nordics LMAO that is true. There are some things Activision gets right and does better and that is just because they are accustomed to the military culture of the US unlike DICE who sees it all from a distance in Sweden or Finland or Norway or wherever they are from. Bless their heart, they do a great job on the games, but the specifics are always just a little off.

To those calling me out who know the difference which would you rather have have on your side, an Apache gunship and a Bradley IFV or a Super Cobra and an Amphibious LAV? Answer honestly. Both Marines and Army have the Abrams so on that point they are equals but nothing else.

One last point- I dont see how it is comparing apples to oranges since in one game they use the ARMY, in fact every Battlefield I can ever remember used US ARMY, and now they put the USMC in the game. It is an apples to apples comparison. In real life it is apples to apples as well. The USMC is always positioning itself to be the "second land

Army" but the numbers just cant add up and never will. They can never compare to the US Army in terms of scope, size, and power. And it is apples to apples. You can go down the list of equipment, infantry, vehicles, etc. The Army has more and better. the USMC does have a limited number of fighter jets which eats significantly into their budgets for very little trade off. They get to be one of the cool kids dropping bombs on caves from 35k feet.

Which all brings me back to my point that the US Army is perfect for a Battlefield game, not the USMC!

@Tom- Marines always love to think they are more hardcore than US Army for some reason. Let them. Their generals disproportionately volunteer them for the meat grinder operations not fully within their grasp a la Fallujah 1. When you are stuck in the desert and you have fellow AMERICANS with you that is what matters. Its just a plus when those "other guys" happen to have air cav and mech divisions consisting of hundreds of Apaches and Bradleys.

@OP, it isn't just the equipment it is the job to be done with the equipment and the people using it. This is hardly the place to discuss the merits of "who is bad @#$" because of the gear used. I'm guessing you have had little interaction with the Army or the Marines, and a video game is not the basis for this kind of discussion. Oh yeah, I'm a Marine.

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