DICE Producer Sees Nothing But Faults in Battlefield Bad Company 2

THE BUZZ: Patrick Bach, Executive Producer at DICE, has
revealed that he is ashamed to start up Battlefield Bad Company 2, as he only
sees faults in the game.


“I don’t know why, but I always feel ashamed about the games I’m involved in
making,” he said in a recent interview. “I can’t even bring myself to start up
Battlefield Bad Company 2, our last game, because I feel so ashamed. I know it
is a great product but still I only see the things we could have done


He also discussed how the team is trying to avoid this problem in Battlefield3:


“We are focusing on cutting the bad stuff rather than adding and changing
things. Instead of adding ideas, we are removing problems, and that is what our
testers are helping us with. We have deleted portions of maps, we have skipped
passages in the single player campaign. Everything that doesn’t meet our
standards we chop out.”



Now there is some info eh?! LOL..


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Well, there's no shame in thinking that way.


It's called hindsight. I'm sure someone who has been involved in the game's development from day one would always be thinking, "If only we tweaked this map a little" or "If only we added in this feature" or "we shouldn't have put that in".


You could say the same thing about an author after he sends his book along to be published. He probably picks up his final draft, skims to a section, and then says, "Crap, I wish I didn't write that".

yeah i know... but i didn't though they would say it in public. You always need to support your products... always..

True. But I think saying that X could have been done better is important from a developer standpoint.  There's a difference between setting the bar high and not quite reaching it versus setting the bar low and just stepping over it. If you don't pay attention to the mistakes you make, you're bound to repeat them.

What's there to be ashamed about by  putting out a crappy game and taking peoples money for it

so they are not adding anything or changing anything,they are not adding any ideas but are chopping parts out of the game,they have deleted portions of maps and took bits out of the single player campaign and on top of this the main man is "ashamed" of all his previous work,man this really makes me want to rush out and buy this game more than ever,how about you?????

If he's ashamed of BC2, he's slitting his wrists over the BF3 beta.

This is what I don't get.  People are all over MW3 for being a rehash and the BF3 devs are pretty much telling you that BF3 is a rehash.  And yet I can't go into gamestop without being told how BF3 is going to blow MW3 out of the water.  I know they're just store clerks, but surely they can see that they're two very different games who are both building on established platforms and more than likely both will be worth the purchase.

I'll save him one quick regret about BF3, do something about the Recon-class spawn point, or just remove it. That thing has been abused and abuse in the worst way imaginable so far in the beta. They absolutely need to do something about it.

No No... that thing is a gold mine. If the enemy is lame enough to attack us in the back.. (tactical game play.. nothing wrong with that).. I will be lame enough lay down in the bushes near to it, to kill everbody who spawns on it.. :D

I loved BC2 now he's ruined it for me!! ;0)

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