Dice Needs to Prove it.

This beta is a one month old build.  I say player models scaling and game flow are not going to change.  They say graphics are a LITTLE nerfed.     We all know game being shiped to stores or sitting on the dock ready to be shiped.  So stop making all the excuesses and put a demo out then. Prove what you are trying to explain away.  No other develper has to say the 360 is dated.   We have all read the posts from your head guy dice. BF3 finally back on the pc.   Well Opppps.   360 users overloaded your servers.  You can gamers are going to pc all you want.  But thats not happening.

No call of duty killer here.  And that is the requirement EA put on you guys.  Dont be fooled guys. There will not be  a big improvement over the beta.  They are losing so many customers over this beta they would have showed the great improvement if they had it.  They do not.  Instead of proving it to us, they are going to spend the weekend talking to journalist.  Nuf said.


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I am enjoying it, but Ill say again, in my personal opinion, companies are committing corporate "suicide" when they release betas/demos. People dont understand what they are really used for and only see it as "getting to play the game early", then they play it none stop for two weeks, get burnt on it, and dont buy it. Sad but true.

DICE don't need to prove anything and  time spent on releasing a demo is less time spent on the final game. Move along HATER !!

I actually agree with the OP. Even though personally i'm loving the game, there's no denying the BETA for XBOX isn't as pretty as what people expected. Now to a BF fan this won't put them off the purchase but to the audience they're trying to woo with these fancy trailers etc this BETA may well have put them off. DICE's rep was pretty badly burned when MOH was released and they've done nothing since to repair it. If this is more or less what the console's are going to get (which im afraid i think it is) they're better to just come out and say it if they want to sell any games in the future. DICE's core fanbase aren't thrilled about the new direction that BF is taking to say the least - with quite a large number of them cancelling they're preorders and so on. EA / DICE are in danger of losing a substantial amount of their preorders and any orders they might have got from this BETA. Console sales will be EA's largest revenue draw (and XBOX the larger of the two) and this BETA has for the most part, done nothing but kill that hype that EA / DICE build with those faultline trailers. Time to release some finished console MP footage guys, good or bad it will cushion the blow on release day.

where did they say graphics were a "little" nerfed ?? they never used the word little.

They are SHOWCASING the game to journalists who can then tell us first hand whats its like ,

and a TINY percentage of the whiners will cancel their pre order most of them will buy it anyway.

Habitual whiner.

I agree with OP as well.  This beta build feels more like an alpha build.  Going underneath the map? Freezing in the loading screen? Not being to join as a squad with your friends (this has always been an issue since BC1)? Come on! That is complete utter bullcrap.

 If this Beta would have come out 6 months ago it would be acceptable, but the game is about to come out about a month after the Beta.... what the heck do you fix in that time? Nothing.  I will tell you that as a general rule of thumb most games are done 3 months before they're released.  During those 3 months they go through publishing departments, legal departments and distribution departments.  So the build we're playing right now is probably pretty darn close to the final thing.

Oh and the graphics being 'nerfed' to save disk space/whatever the excuse is.  Yeah right! If the Beta would've been say 600MBs, then that would be a legitimate claim, but the beta is 1.3 GBs for ONE map? Really? Nope, sorry.



Want to know how I know you've never Beta tested anything before?  There are so many errors in your post it's not even worth listing and refuting.  And your 1.3GBs for one map claim is just as silly.

 The PC Beta is 3.9GB and they have all the same content as the consoles with just prettier graphics.  Perhaps you should stop and learn something about software development before putting your foot in your mouth.

Also learning a little HTML wouldn't kill you either.

Posting paragraphs isn't that hard pal.

LOL at ppl who think they  know better how the end game will look like as it own developer.. YOU FAIL!!!!

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