DICE Confirms Yet Again That Beta Is Not Final


I think people will be surprised when the final build is released.

And for people who keep saying that DICE is just saying what people want to hear, they have now CONFIRMED officially that the Beta is not representative of the final build at all SEVERAL times now. If indeed they are lying, which I doubt, they are only digging themselves in deeper.


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What you are not understanding is that it's not the bugs or glitches that a lot of fans are disappointed with, it's the game itself. I've had fun on it, but I'm not dieing to play it all the time. The final build might change that, no one really knows what we're going to get. The only thing we can be sure about is how superior the PC version is (64 players, next-gen graphics etc). DICE saying that this is "not the final build" means absolutely duck fall. They could just put another trash can on the streets of the financial district on OM and it would be a "different build". All we can do is enjoy what we have and hope for the best.

I'd like to see Operation Metro on the final build for the Xbox and PS3 to be honest..

Final build or not, it is what it is. It won't play that much differently in the final version, aside from a few patched glitches, and that alone won't be enough to change the peoples' minds that are already saying "This is underwhelming."

Good, cus that will only leave the Battlfield fans to play it. I love it already, i can only imagine that much how awesome the final game would be..

That's not the issue. Everyone knows it's not the final build. But from purely a business perspective, this was an awful, awful move.

Since it's not the most current build, every bug and glitch we are "testing" won't matter much. This build is old and won't be used. It's even a weak argument to say we're testing the networking... We don't have vehicles and destruction. The servers aren't being tested for almost all of the game's massive data traffic. Even saying that they're using an old build because it's the most stable is a weak argument... The game is so inconsistent and has constant drops and disconnects I can only imagine how bad it's going to be release week.

What we SHOULD have gotten was a DEMO build, with a near final build where we could actually help test the servers and bugs. Or this "beta" should have been released 4-5 months ago. Either way, DICE really messed up. Not even judging the gameplay itself, purely from a business/design standpoint, this whole situation could not have been handled in a worse way.

you know what you complainers should do? yell at microsoft and sony to hire more IT guys. they're the only reason the 8 week old build is being used.

they're at fault here, not DICE. Dice submitted the beta to the console service providers and they took their sweet time to certify it and release it on marketplace('1st party submissions").

Accept the fact, F  A  C  T, not opinion, that there is no earthly way to have had a newer build than the one we are playing.  'Shoulda, woulda, coulda', nonsense, man. Beta vs. Demo, whatever.  The process wouldn't allow a newer build than what we got.  It also would not allow for a larger build than what we got.  The retail release will be at least a good as BC2 is now, because it's built on the understanding of everything they've fixed to date.  Most folks would say BC2 was pretty good.  If you like tac shooters, this ones gonna be pretty good too.  

it is already in manufacturing ... they cant do much more to the game. yes there will be a day 1 patch . that prob. address the issues of the beta. the prob was that they used a pre alpha build form more than 6months ago 3 weeks from release and got mad when people drew the logical conclusion  "ooh this close to release this must be wht the game is gonna look and play in General " .   perception is reality  and the perception is that this beta failed bad so most people will always remember the bad.

we as a society especially in the US always look for the negative, and the bad. and have made a art of making villains and monsters out of every one.  i.e politicians during election cycle, oj simpson, michael jackson, casey anthony, the cubs fan who cost them the trip to the world series, billy buckner and a whole host of others .

A Remington 870,

I have to completely disagree with you here.  Unforunately you do not know anything about the Certification process that all developers must go through. It's a 3 week process.  Having more "IT Guys" at MS is not going to help anything. Dice/EA submitted the build much too late and they had to rush it through Certification just to get it out to the public.

The fact is, DICE submitted an Alpha build to MS, not a beta build.  Literally, the files sent to MS are listed as 'Alpha' in the backend (PM me if you want to know how I know this).  What we are playing now on the Xbox is a couple month old (Similar to the Alpha Build that was available on the PC a while back) with a few extra bug fixes in place.  This version is NOT the same version you will get on release, it's not even close.  What DICE is saying about that is absolutely true.  Also the fact the release is coming on 2 DVD's and the beta on the console was only 1.5gb download should make that more obvious, we are only seeing a small small portion of the game.

The real problem here is that DICE/EA promised a public beta before release.  Well, here you go!  They weren't ready to release a more recent version so they had to rush what they did have ready, which was a very old build.  They were between a rock and a hard place, they could either fail on their promise to deliver a public beta and only let you get the final build on release date (which would make a ton of people upset) or they could release the unfinished 'beta' and keep their promise, but then risk showing off a game that is not ready.  It's obvious the real issue here is the players/customers.  We were expecting a demo and got a 'beta'. 

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