Diablo 3 without freezes or crashes.. Oh to dream the impossible dream.

I cant recall a time where I was so severely activated by an inanimate object like I have been through trying to NOT CRASH while playing this game.

Ive studied the forums but no real answers just a bunch of blah.

Here a list of all I have tried to somehow make a downloaded game work properly on my xbox.

Keep in mind that no other games, either on disk or by download give me this issue and the system works fine. No freezes and no curpted files. This game sure is living up to its name. Here's what I've tried so far:

-Cleared system cashe numerous times. HD and internal memory. No luck.

-Redownloaded the game. No luck.

-Turned off xbox live during game play. No luck 

-Deleted all games from HD[ 50g +]re-redownloaded the game. No luck. 

-Formatted the HD re-re-downloaded the game. No luck.

-Formatted internal memory. No luck.

-Plugged into the wall or high quality power supply. No difference.

-Cleaned dust from console.

-Countless variations of venting and cooling the console with and without extra external fans to the point of putting in a cooler with ice packs while still keeping it dry and ventilated. No effin luck.

The updates do nithing but zoom by in an attempt to trick me into believing something might change but... no sign of hope and lacking in any luck is I.

I know I not the only one with this problem but ****, 

I spent $60 on this game it should work the first time around. This is blizzards 3rd installment. Did you forget a line of code? Not strong enough console operation?

 Can anybody with some sort of intuitive knowledge tell me what needs to be done to make this game work the way its supposed to? Cause between Blizzard and Microsoft I havent seen anything or read anywhere that a solution has been made or even worked on for that matter. What the deal man? Or give me me "nonrefundable" money back.

It would figure that suddenly without having any frustration in the past, ZERO, that now the new xbox one system is out, my old system seems to having "difficulties" I like xbox but this would get me to switch to PS4 had I not been dipped into a half price years membership to bilge. Its a great game when it works for 2 min and I really would enjoy it but someone needs to get on this problem without needing to upgrade the system cause if thats what it boils down to I will upgrade but not to xbox one. And I will let everyone of my gaming friends know and understand FULLY my opinion. FIX IT!!!!


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You are not the only one! I was VERY frustrated this morning.  Had 2 freezes in less than 2 hours.  I ended up losing 2 legendaries.. didn't even get to ID them.  Basically what I'm doing now it's warping back to town after every legendary is found, in order to save it.  It's pretty ridiculous.


Hello "RenderingDragon"  :)


Yeah, I totally agree with you in having to go back to town after every Legendary gets dropped.  What I do is immediately put the Legendary / Legendaries in my stash and change the color of my banner to trigger the auto-save.  After this, I now feel safe to continue playing  :)


Note:  My game will completely freeze from time to time, forcing me to turn off my console; it is so annoying.


Have a nice day or afternoon or night  :)


Hello "Axcent1014"  :)


I also noticed that you're game is pretty much guaranteed to freeze on you if your playing music.  With the music off, you still have a good chance of having an uninteruppted game session.  But, when you're playing music while loot running; the question that keeps on floating around in my head is "when is the game going to crash?"


Have a nice day or afternoon or night  :)