Diablo 3 paragon 100 wizard - help for wizards

Ok I am not quite there yet but  near 90 now. bragging and posting on you-tube is not me. Just a player who really loves the game and will keep playing even after reaching 100 . Anyone who would like help or has questions can pm me per my gamer tag posted with this message. So this is what worked for me. with all the variations out there I play an archon - cold spell based hybrid. Here is my build. Ray of frost/ black ice, frost nova/ bone chill, magic weapon to boost dps/ force weapon, energy armor/prismatic, archon/ improved archon. PassIves, of evocation to help cool down, critical mass and cold blooded because all my build is based on chilling spells and staying in archon mode as much as possible. This is what I found the most survivable especially at higher monster powers. There are other armor choices but anything except energy armor prismatic failed after mp 8. The cooling Passives  will help you stay in archon mode longer and therefore be able to kill more enemies quickly. As for gear here basically is my game end choices. First and foremost I always look at intelligence and critical hit chance and damage before anything else but you do have to maintain a balance or you will die without enough vitality. For helm  mages shade, There are many choices but dark mages is a wizards helm. I see many players using Mempos as well. For necklace a well rolled ouroboros. A good choice also is a well rolled Tal rashas. For armor I have kept my Tal rashas because I had a really nice one drop and never changed it. For gloves I choose a nicely rolled sages gesture. They usually roll with nice critical hit damage. For bracers can't beat Lacuni prowlers they are the best in the game for the most part.. For shoulders vile wards although if you can blacksmith a nice pair of archon spaulders, they can roll even better than vile wards. For waist you can't beat the witching hour I have one on my demon hunter as well. For feet I currently have ziunimassas trail but you can get a nice pair of fire walkers or ice breakers to drop as well that can be quite nice however the Zunimassas have the intelligence movement speed and vitality that helped me. For pants I choose Innas temperance because of the movement speed. For rings I am currently using the legacy of wicked dreams set, but switch off to use my wailing host with a ziunimassas pox as well. Leave the hellfire at home unless it is well rolled. I can remember wanting a good one forever but it is by no means the best ring in the game. Finally my weapon of choice is without a doubt the best in slot for a wizard - chantados will, and chantados force. Both are socketed but I did not have socketed to drop until I was playing master 4-5 . For much of the game I used a well rolled sloraks madness that is an equally good choice.That's it folks I hope this helps someone out and if you have any questions or need help give me a shout. I will help you if I can 


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One of the greatest games released on the XBox 360 hands down.

Wonderful game.  We should be getting a ONE version when the Expansion is released.

Can't wait.

I still need to pick up another 2.5 million gold to finish this game off. I would be very tempted if an Xbox One version came out.

Near end- game myself but love it and can't wait for ROS to come to consoles. My wizard and demon hunter are both unstoppable. It's said ROS will have no paragon level cap.  So we can all keep playing.