Diablo 3 Issues

So whenever i sign onto Diablo 3 it kicks me off xbox live. If i go back to the dashboard it will sign me back on. Its very strange, and thoroughly annoying. Anyone else having issues?


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no, does it ask for an update?

no, thats the craziest part. It all started/what had happened was i was playing coop and we were just finished act IV and were going about the finalize beating it on Hell, but then when the loadng screen came up (which usualy lasts a couple seconds) lasted a couple minutes i restarted my xbox. now whenever i put in diablo i try to connect to live but it says its lost connection with the internet. I then go to the network connections and test it, which comes back as having connection. when i get back on the game, same thing. i dont know where to even begin. so im downloading the game to the xbox now, hoping that the diablo gods have pity.

so downloading the game didnt work either.

press Y on your hard drive on memory and clear cache??

worked for me with a similar issue.. let me know

I have had my followers gear disappear twice and his level went from 60 to 59 both times, and I didn't switch followers cuz I only us the Templar. Good gear to...stormshield...gone...

losing follower gear seems to be an issue.