Diablo 3 for the 360

Is there any way to "cheat" in diablo 3? What is a best character/class to go with so I won't die as much. I got a level 53 Barbarian, and I started dieing. I got tired of playing a barbarian, I want a class so I don't have to do that much combat up close.

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You shouldn't have to cheat.


The game is very good at providing you with loot that is both useful and relevant to your level.


If you stick with it it won't be too long before you are smiting things left right and centre.


The "Whrilwind" ability turns you into a human blender.  The "Jump" ability can get you out of danger in a flash.  There's a buff that increases the amount of healing globes that spawn.  There are weapons that grant you "life per hit" which combined with the Whirlwind ability can sometimes fill you up as fast as a potion.


Barbarians are in your face kind of fighters.  You could always try a Demon Hunter or a Mage if you want to experiment with range attacks but all characters will face moments where they struggle a little before they experience god-like power.