Diablo 3 coming to Xbox 360?

Hiho! So I've read about Diablo 3 coming out to console's which has already been confirmed by Blizzard but it seems like it will only come for PS3 and PS4? There are people saying it wont come for the xbox and I haven't seen anyone mention Xbox 360/Xbox 720.

But there is this swedish site where you can buy games online and they have posted Diablo 3 for x360 that you can reserve.



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It will be on the Xbox brand, if not 360, definitely the Next Xbox.  After the PS4 reveal, there was an interview with some guys from Blizzard & when asked if it would be on other console, they simply responded: "We are here to talk about Sony only".  

Which is a confirmation that it will be elsewhere, otherwise they would of flat out said 'exclusive'.

Also, D3 is running on the PS3 & will be on the PS4 later.

If Blizzard can get it running on the PS3 & not the 360, they are nitwits.

lol that's not a confirmation at all.


And blizzard can get it running on whatever they want, but would MS really allow for the auction house ? Since it uses real money. I highly doubt MS would allow it unless they made a profit off every transaction made

It's not an official confirmation, but it's clear as day it'll be on the xbox.


As for transactions, if they keep it in the console version, they could easily convert it to MSP.

Lol , no wont happen/

It'll be on the next Xbox for sure, I don't think they would pass up putting on the 360 if they have it on the PS3.

And the auction house isn't needed to play the game so it could very well be removed, especially if they focus on Couch Co-op.  

The auction house is a big part of the game. MS wont let there be money transactions between players. Wont happen. That's based on the fact that MS has never let money pass from game company to user or user to user without wanting a cut.

Oh yeah, I forgot it's a sale between players.  But I can see them making a place to buy gear using MSP.

Nope wont happen. But if it makes you sleep better at night ill let you keep thinking that it will

I think not if Blizzard made an exclusive agreement with Sony but if the 720 get it fine but ATM i am more interested in The witcher 3.

What is witcher 3? Some online RPG game?

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