Devil Horns in HC and Pure Survival

I hope this works......

1) Beat the game on Standard mode to unlock Classic, Pure Survival, and Hardcore modes.

2) Beat the game on Classic mode to unlock the Devil Horns. It can now be accessed in Classic mode and Standard mode.

3) Disconnect from Xbox LIVE and clear your system cache.

4) Start or continue a Pure Survival or Hardcore mode game and get to a bench. The Devil Horns will be there! Equip them and save/quit.

5) Reconnect to Xbox LIVE and re-download the patch/title update. Continue your Pure Survival or Hardcore game and you will still have the Devil Horns.

If you have not yet played Pure Survival or hardcore mode, you will need to play until you get to the bench in Chapter 3 (aboard the Roanoke) to get the Devil Horns.

If you had already advanced past chapter 3 in your playthrough. then you can access any bench while offline with cache cleared. I had already completed both modes so I simply loaded up chapter 4 and the Devil Horns were in the bench.


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I can't seem to get it to work

Omg I got it to work :-)

Nice! How did you figure this out?

Does this work for the +3 Chipsets?

Ok, so bare with me because my writing skills suck. So I already had a HC saved game on a USB drive chapter 4 to be exact. 1st thing I did was go to the HD and transfer any DLC to the USB drive (online pass, dlc weapons for pre order) only thing on my HD was game installs.  Next, clear cache. Next, loaded up the game.  It asked to upload the title update which I cancelled.  Then I loaded the HC save that was on my USB drive. It then said the DH's were added to my inventory.  When I got into the game sure enuff there they were.  So I saved and quit, went to my HD and transfer all my stuff back to the HD from the USB and went back into the game again, updated the title update went into my HD save (not USB save) and yup, there they were.  I hope you can understand my 1st grade writing skills.

Not sure about the +3 chipsets.  Really If the DH's worked I don't think I would need the Chipsets

I'm just thinking about if it would work for the classic playthrough.

In case there is any confusion, I did transfer the save from the USB back to the HD as well. Not just the DLC stuff.

Why cheat........

Its not cheating, especially since I unlocked the DH's legitamently by beating classic mode.  I mean really, when r u gonna use the DH's again if u can't use em on PS or HC.

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