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If you could choose a game or series for another developer to pick up, which game and developer would you choose?

As for me I would like to see Rare pick up the Bond series again! Hell i'd be happy if EA picked it back up again Activision has totally ruined the past few Bond games by turning them into CoD clones in my opinion.. It doesnt feel like bond games anymore. I'll probably still pick up the Goldeneye remake but I already know the multiplayer is going to blow..

I think it could be interesting to see Bungie pick up Call of Duty, but at the same time ehhhh idk about that lol..


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I'd like to see DICE pick up Perfect Dark.

I'd like to see Bethesda pick up Dragon Age and Mass effect

EPIC should steal Crysis

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I'd like to see DICE pick up Perfect Dark.


That would be epic haha. ..Especially since I dont see Rare ever even taking a second thought about picking the series back up again :(

Valve picking up Resident Evil would tickle my fancy, just to see how'd they do with the old RE games with the puzzles and stuff.