Deus Ex weapon of choice?

I find I use stun gun / tranq gun the most.   Using smg's/ shotgun is more difficult, IMO.



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Stun gun when I want to take people alive. Machine pistol when I am on a killing spree.

My favorite was the revolver with explosive rounds.  It's a one-hit-kills gun against unarmored enemies.  Pretty funny actually.  I also used the silenced, laser sighted pistol with armor piercing rounds for stealth (headshots).  Both weapons are strong and take little inventory space.

I use the tranq. gun a fair bit. It's virtually undetectable and for a while I was really focusing on getting the pacifist achievement. Since giving up on that achievement for the first time around (realized I may have already messed it up in the beginning), I decided to start using my fully upgraded Combat Rifle. It gets the job done. lol

I liked both the stun gun and tranq rifle

Stun gun and tranquilizer rifle were my favorites, they never got old.


There's a few reasons why they're the most popular in the game for a lot of people.

  1. They don't need to be upgraded other than target leading for the tranq rifle.
  2. They're OHK everytime making them very ammo effecient and powerful.
  3. Completely silent.
  4. They look cool.
  5. Short, medium and long range capabilities means they fit every situation.

No other weapons in the game really combine all of these aspects into one except for those two.