Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Anyone else played this game? I finally got around to it and I have to say it's pretty dang diddly good. I like how you can choose to go Rambo or be stealthy. The story is pretty good too and don't even get me started on Adam's voice. I try being stealthy when I can, but then some guy detects me and I end up going Rambo. You die pretty damn fast doe so it's better to be stealthy than Rambo lol. Any good augmentations I should buy? So far I have like Typhoon, cloaking, level 4 hacking, extra inventory, no fall damage, etc. Thanks for the help guys. :)


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I have tried playing this game a few times, but just can`t get into it and i give up.

I get to the point where you are hacking something and simply don`t understand how to do it.

Each time i go back to it i start a new game and give up just about the same point.

Hacking confused me at first and I was like.. how did I do that? I'm good haha. The more I did it doe, the better and faster I got. Now whenever I see a hackable thing, I'm all over it lol. What are you having problems with exactly? Just hold x and release on the node/direction you want to go. :p

It was a really good game.  I don't really remember what augments I picked up.  I've got a warning for you, but its a slight spoiler.  Highlight to read the following.  Towards the end you will be asked to get a checkup/upgrade for your implant.  Don't do it.  It will effectively turn your implant off for the last part of the game.  

Its been to long since i played it to remember exactly.

All i know is every time i tried one i failed it and the alarms went off.

I even had a DLC code for an automatic hacking device, no idea where that fits into the game,i certainly never found it.

I never used any of those automatic hacking devices as getting the XP from hacking things was what I wanted to get.  It's been awhile since I played through the game, but I remember putting one of my first praxis kits into carrying heavy things and one into jumping a bit higher.  I played through the game twice and went undetected both times... no alarms... no enemies.  The Tranquilizer gun is your bread and butter.

I played and finished it, and while I found it fun, I had a pretty major complaint. - Each location felt like it was set up like a maze and I ended up struggling to get through it.  After struggling through the 5th location, I realized that it had to be deliberate and it was probably done to make the game last longer.  All it did for me is make me a bit grumpy and bored.  Overall, it's not a bad game.  

I had it day 1. Was greatly looking forward to it for a long time before it released. Wasn't disappointed when it came out, either. Great game that lived up to all my expectations. I played through it several times.

The first time around the game annoyed me because it said you could choose the way you approached your mission, stealth or killing machine.

Unfortunately if you chose a 'killing machine' approach you soon discovered your character is made of glass.  Not a Glass Cannon... Just simply made of glass.  

So of your 2 options the only viable one is Stealth, and if you didn't shell out for the Special Edition which gave you an extra Augmentation module AND money then you were playing catch up the entire game.

Add insult to injury... no New Game Plus at the end.

Thankfully the Developers themselves took note of my criticisms and created the "Director's Cut" version of the game:

It's like the original only a little more fun AND you can have a New Game Plus where you keep all your augmentations.

If you really like the idea of being a rampaging robot then check out Platinum Game's "Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance".

I have payed Deus Ex a couple of times and enjoyed it, the AI wasn't the best, but the game was still fun, I would have preferred it if it was closer to the previous one.

Also played Metal Gear Rising, finished the game a couple of times and also got to the last part of the last boss on the hardest setting and stopped playing it due to frustration, not a bad game but not as good as Bayonetta, a game that I did on the hardest setting because it was so good.

A Break Down of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

10% Story

20% Usage of cool techniques and gadgetry

10% Exploration

60% Me saying "How the hell do I get outta here!??"

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