Desynchronization Fix

You can't use custom button mapping.  If you are using a fightstick you must rewire your buttons instead of remapping them. 


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I have a custom button layout and I've only had "De synchronization" once. X,Y,A,B are all the same as a controller but I have RB as tag and LT as block.

It's a bug when you press the custom mapped buttons very fast.  Tag and block aren't used to much in a mash out or panic combo.

Why do I keep hearing of this infamous "De synchronization glitch"? I find it hard to believe that you get d/c when you press buttons too fast. Where's your proof? It just seems like a coincidence.

Remap your attack buttons, join a ranked match, and mash the crap out of them.  You will see for yourself.  

Also, you can join the forums at  Check the technical issues section and you will see several testimonials.  I have not had a single desynch since using default buttons.  While using custom mapped buttons I had at least 30 desynchs.  It generally happens when you hit attach buttons at the same time.  I desynched every game I played with cyber sub zero because one of my favorite combos is bp, fp, fp+bp, slide.  Almost an automatic desynch every time.  

That's pretty funny that NRS *** things up this bad. What a joke. LMAO!

I'm just trying to inform as many people as I can since I was terrorized by the dsync for about a week.