Destruction on console and pc is the same..

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Destructive Buildings (Console)

The destruction is the same on console and PC.
You won't be able to take down buildings in multiplayer as that would mean levelling a whole city. You can however take out large parts of buildings and possibly destroy smaller buildings in other maps but you will have to wait and see those maps :)


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And you know people would to.  Plenty of times i've joined a BC2 game in conquest and found everything that could be knocked down, knocked down.  

PC version had slightly more destruction... but its only 30% destructable objects which DICE promise 70% destruction. Road, pavement, concrete barriers are indestructable and BFBC2 did those

eh, looks like a step backwards to me, although i'm a pro-destruction player... "level their cities and watch as they rush at us defenseless from an an open field...and out mortars shall blot out the  sun!"

i also approved of destroying MCOMs because it was a great strategy, it worked, and it is what rush was about.