Destiny's Expansion Policy

I've enjoyed Destiny for quite some time but there is one thing that is really bothering me and I would appreciate it if someone would direct me to a site or an article that can explain the philosophy for me because currently I'm feeling a bit taken advantage of.

The first expansion pack with Crota seemed a smooth addition.  When the Pack of Wolves pack came out it was a little disappointing that the Crota events stopped happening. 

I log on first the first time this week since Kings release.

I was ok with several of my bounties being completed for me.

I understand that my weapons strength and capacity might have been re-aligned with the new games.

I'm feeling a bit cheated that Strike missions have been cut down to a single choice and I would have to assume that Wolf Pack events have been taken away in lieu of whatever Kings is replacing it with.

So, can I expect to only be able to experience events in Patrol until the next expansion comes out?  Expansions are nice and all but sure seem impolite to kill the current experience because they want to force me to purchase their new toy


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The strikes are captured in a single playlist at the moment (legacy), but that does include the previously exclusive (PlayStation) strikes which are Undying Mind and Dust Palace. One The Taken King (TTK) is released tomorrow there will be another two strike playlists; one will be for the new content, and the other will be a mix of old and new. I'm assuming, but I'm not 100% sure, that you'll be able to change the difficulty of each playlist from tomorrow.

They did announce everything on their blog, including the wolf packs disappearing (they posted up in case anyone wanted to complete their grimoire collection before TTK was released).

If you don't want to play with their new toy you don't have to at all, all previous story missions are there to play through again, and the strikes are still accessible in the legacy playlist. To be honest I don't know why anyone would still be playing if they weren't getting TTK, there's not exactly much left to do unless you play Crucible (multiplayer). I've been dying for TTK to come out 'cos I've done all the strikes and raids.

I've had destiny since launch, but have not yet bought any of the DLC.

I was thinking about getting back into the game, so what's the cheapest way to get a bundle with all the DLC?

Also, as I have the digital version, will the DLC still work on both xbox consoles like the core game does? (i play with friends on both consoles)

I'm not sure about whether or not the DLC will work on both consoles as I've only played it on Xbox One unfortunately, hopefully someone else can answer that for you.

As you haven't got any of the DLC I would recommend getting The Taken King - Legendary Edition which is £54.99 and includes all expansions released to date (The Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King), you can find it here:

Thanks StirkeA. I think i'd come to that conclusion, but seems a bit daft to re-buy the game!

I guess TTK is unlikely to be less than £20, so it works out the same or cheaper.


I appreciate your reply.  I'm a lite player of the game and use it more as a way to socialize with friends who live in other regions of the world.

I think I was more disappointed in being brought down to a single source for bounties and the removal of the only real interesting events on Patrol in what seems to be a pattern.  

I'm sure Bungie understands their customer better than most people and that is more to the question I had.  Do they expect that their customer is only interested in the newest thing?  Is the free-range area of patrol just supposed to highlight the current module that they are pushing?  Is all the menu functionality going to be returned when the official release happens or will it be a carrot for only the people who purchase the expansion?

Just looking for what the model is on the game.  I see plenty of blank spaces in the panel and wondering if their use is already planned for a later update and when that update occurs will it be at the cost of another function which I might like?

Anyway, thanks for your time.