Destiny, Need urgent help!!!

My system is Xbox one, couple of weeks ago I downloaded the trial version, and today I purchased the game disc not download. The trial was still on my xbox one I put in the disc Destiny loaded working fine around half hour to 40 mins it's freezes for a second then box comes up saying lost connection or no network connection something of that nature, However when I check my network on the xbox it's fine at full strength. 

I uninstalled the trial because I believed that was the issue however it wasn't because after I gave it 20 mins after the uninstall I tried the disc again it installed the game back on but from the disc and not the trial that I downloaded from weeks ago. After that I tried again ran fine about 30 to 40 mins later same issue box comes up etc. I try and restart my network router off xbox off completely. wait then Router back on let it get going then cold start the xbox let that get going then start destiny and one again same issue. I think your getting my point.

Anyone know what is the cause and how to fix, it's really annoying and starting to get me angry. 

Help would be appreciated. 


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Update! I was just on the Bungie website. They have posted a service alert that they are aware both Xbox One and Xbox 360 players are having problems signing in. That could be why you're running into problems.

Hmm. Well I too have Destiny on Xbox One and know for a fact that the servers that Destiny uses are flooded with traffic pretty much constantly in addition to being unreliable. If this happens, do you receive an error code? They vary in names but can be recognized by such terms as bee or pineapple. The best thing you can do is look up the error code on the Bungie website to find an exact cause. If however you are seeing a message that your connection to the servers are simply lost without an error code, and have confidence in your home internet connection than it could perhaps by an issue with the disc itself. Was it new or used? Does the back of the disc show any signs of scratches? I do not believe you sampling the trial version has anything to do with your situation as I have also dealt in game demos without any problems.

I am not a tech expert so please take what I am saying as an amateur point of view. One last thing can also be an issue with the Xbox Live itself. Go to settings on the main menu and check network status, if there is a prompt saying Xbox Live services are impaired in some way or form, that also can be a reason. Destiny requires a constant internet connection while playing in addition to a Gold membership for many of its activities so I know it can be frustrating. I hope my words can give you some assistance but if you need more you can always try the Bungie website which has a higher traffic volume than here. Good luck.