Destination Gamer - A Gaming Community for All!

Hello I'm II Batch II, the founder of Destination Gamer.

I'm here to tell you about DG and why you should join.

Destination Gamer is a brand new WORLDWIDE gaming community which allows Xbox 360 gamers and other gaming platform gamers together for one thing and this one thing is DG's objective:-


DG is aiming to allow everyone to join up, even if they are in a clan already, and organise gaming sessions with others on the site whenever it suits them, not by having DG saying what game is on what night. You, the gamer, decide when to play a game by posting what you like to game on, and allow others to sign up their interest in joining their gaming session.

DG also has just set up a Youtube channel which will have gaming session highlights not just from me, but you, the gamers out there!

Are you interested? Then join up today at and I look forward to welcoming you all there. 

Please also check out the Destination Gamer Youtube channel and subscribe at

Thanks for sparing a few moments of your time to read this and I see you there. 


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If you are interested to join a new and growing gaming community then please click the link to the DG site below and register.


First gaming session has been set up for 1st September (Saturday) from 8pm BST.

It will be a Left 4 Dead 2 Mutations night with guaranteed absolute carnage throughout. If you are interested, register to Destination Gamer by clicking the site link below and then post your interest through the DG calendar or the Gaming Sessions section.


If you are interested in taking part in a Left 4 Dead 2 Mutations Night, please feel free to click the image link below, register up and sign up to the event in the calendar.

It'll take place on 8th September 2012 from 8pm, circumstances pending. Event may be put back at any time.

So, anyone fancy a Flu Season mutation run? ;)

Hello everyone!

Destination Gamer has been through some improvements and would like to see what you think to it.

We have two game sessions coming up next week:-

Minecraft Monday - 17/09/12 19:30 BST

This is DG's second Minecraft Monday and I'm looking to build up a railway linking up to parts of the world, as well as building other things. If anyone would like to join up, please show interest on our site by clicking the signature image link below.

War Wednesday - 19/09/12 20:00 BST

This is DG's second regular game night that's starting up. We are starting War Wednesday on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Again, if you are interested, sign up by clicking the sig link below.

I hope to see some new members on board over the weekend and next few weeks. I look forward to see some of you there.



Hello Gamers,

Destination gamer is a new gaming community for mature gamers, so if you like playing games like Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty and some other games. Drop by Destination Gamer, not been a member for long but have already enjoyed a Burnout Paradise Racing Night. There will be alot more gaming nights set up, so plese do drop by and have a look around, then stay for the fun, laughs and good old banter.

Check out


Date: Friday 5th October 2012
Time: 20:30 BST 

The very first DG Forza night is upon us and this will be no ordinary Forza 4 night.

This is Top Gear Soccer night. Two teams against each other trying to win by scoring many goals as possible. Only they won't be running around kicking a ball, they'll be in cars.

Sign up now to be selected for either Red or Blue team. I will select who will go in which team. If you prefer to be in the other team, please don't hesitate to reply or PM me to switch teams.

Game: Call of Duty Black Ops
Date: Wednesday 10th October 2012
Time: 20:30 BST

The next War Wednesday will take place on Call of Duty Black Ops. DG will host a variety of game modes. Some of the games will be different to normal games. 

Date: Friday 12th October 2012
Time: 8:30pm

Become a cowboy and take on the American West and Mexico in a series of Hideout challenges, hunting grounds, horse racing and becoming Public Enemy No. 1! We will look into winding things down later in the evening gambling away at Poker and Liar's Dice.

Date: Sunday 21st October 2012
Time: 20:30 BST

This is YOUR opportunity to get together with some members of Destination Gamer and help each other out on games on co-op modes. Maybe you need to complete the Left 4 Dead campaigns, or help each other out completing test chambers in Portal 2. You post on the forums what game you need help on, other players can then see what they can help other members on.

Sign up to our game night at now and be part of the upcoming game nights.