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OK this is not my first time posting this up, but this is totally bull crap the destination arcade gave you a cool dragon and cool hoodie.  When you selected certain games in it didn't have to buy just look at them and they gave you these items.  But back in November which has been like 7 months now they had did a update and deleted the bata version of the game.  You can still download it but not able to get onto it.   Since they had done that you can no longer wear your hoodie or dragon.  Now for of us that have downloaded the game and everything we have it in the  xbox 360 hard drive at lease some of us do I know I kept mines.  But you can no longer wear it which is totally bull crap should still be able to wear this item regardless of the beta being there or not its a simple fact that we earn this item and no longer can wear it after we had earn it.  Its the sample principle of earning an achievement  point in a game or an avatar award in a game which this is that and they take it away which is so so wrong.   If you try to call them about the matter which I would not suggest doing since their  service sucks beyond sucks they give you the run around and act like its not their fault when in fact it is xbox fault since they are the producer of this  item of game and avatar  awards..      SSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE    AVATAR  AWARD.          AWARD YOU CAN"T JUST TAKE THAT FROM SOMEONE YEAH I CAN SEE IF IT WAS LIKE SOME KINDA OF   OLYMPICS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT AND THEY WON LIKE GOLD OR SOMETHING AND COME TO FIND OUT THAT THEY USE TO STEROIDS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT..  ok the oylimc thing is off the wall but the achievement thing is a point.


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Since you payed for nothing you have no recourse. However that's kinda screwed up if those items can't be used now. I have them myself but I'm at work so can check if they still work.

yes i know it was a free item so are the achievements for games but no matter they should still make them for of those who earned the right to use them to let us use them it took them over 6 months to fix the avatar unlocks for Costume Quest which is freaking insane.  But their service sucks really bad i think if it wasn't for achievements I probably wouldn't have as many games as i do now for the 360.