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Hi All,

Is it me or since Kinectimals was posted on the demo section there have either been very few games released to Demo, or that they have started putting already released games on there??

I was hoping to test Duke Nukem, just seems to me that it has gone very quiet on the demo front is all.




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yeah i've noticed that too.. its quite sad that game companies don't really want people trying their games before purchasing them ..

maybe because they now realise that demo's are actually concidered to be 10 X's worse than the actual game will be ..

i keep looking at duke nukem, now i've never really been a fan of the duke-ster, but this 1 seems to appeal to me and i'd love to try before i buy...but to do that i've had to stick it on my lovefilm...which is sadly really

Yes, fewer and fewer demo's these days.  

There hasn't been many demos released in a long time. In fact, I've seen more demos released the past month than I've seen released in two years.

Just the way things work though, it's unfortunate but I am not complaining.

For Duke Nukem - just hold on. It's available for pre-order people right now, demo-wise. When the game hits store shelves, I think they'll be opening it up for everyone. (You need a special redeem-code right now.)

For all the other companies, it's probably because E3 is this week. Developers have been spending most of their time getting the new games show-ready, so focus on demos has probably been low. That's just a guess though, as I am not a console developer.

Just wait for the game to have been out already for 6 months or so, then you'll get a demo...**cough**  Halo Reach and Modern Warfare **cough**