Demon Slayer Achievement ?????

Find and kill an ancient personification of pride. Thats the description for the achievement. 


I'm assuming you get that for killing the demon in Merril's quest on Sundermount. I just wasted that thing last night and didn't get an achievement. I killed it on my first playthrough too. What gives? 


Also, how do you get the Exorcist achievement? I feel that I've probably done that one already too. :\


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No its not for that. If I remember correctly, you have to kill a demon in the graveyard at Sundermount. Then go, to Anders clinic and look at your map. It should say hidden lair I think? The hidden lair, is then found just outside Anders clinic.


The second one, I think thats where you get all the evil tomes, then go to the evil pit? I havent got this one. Someone on BSN told me you have to do it in Act2, not sure how accurate that is though?

Well for the second one It sounds to me like I did that. Hmm...

Will that hidden lair be there all the time? Or have I missed this opportunity?

Not sure, ya best having a look.  I have had a few glitched achievements on this game too though. I have four outstanding, and Im sure three of them ive already done.  I deleted the game and dlc from my h/d, then re-installed as per the fix on BSN.  I havent had any probs since.

Do you tihnk it'd matter that I got the DLC after the title update?

Im not sure tbh. Cant do any harm deleting and re-installing.  You dont have to delete your game save.


EDIT: After looking at your achievements, I note you have triggered the dlc ones. Deleting is a bit unecessary in this case.

hmm. Well then here's hoping I snag those on my next playthrough lol. Just beat it.


Copied from True Achievements, credit to Foxfire49:

During Year 7 (Act 3) travel to the wounded coast to obtain the 1st Aspect and start the quest "The Awiergan Scrolls" for this achievement. The 1st scroll is found just a little bit ahead down a path side path on the left from the Wounded Coast entrance. Once the 1st scroll is found go west on the lower path until you see skeletons come out of the ground. Once you defeat them a Arcane Horror named Medan appears, kill it and continue to the 3rd aspect scroll.

The 3rd Aspect scroll is located on Sundermount it will be located somewhere on the path leading to the Dalish Camp. Once you have found it head for the top of Sundermount on your way there you will be attacked a group of shades. Once you have killed them depending where you are at look around for a wall, by it or behind it will lay the 2nd Aspect scroll for you to grab.

Once you have the 2nd scroll, head to where you released Flemeth, once you get there continue up the path and you will be attacked by a Corpse and 2 Revenants, it's a tough battle so take them out as quickly as you can. Once you do that will complete the 2nd Aspect and unlock a hidden location in Darktown.

Travel to Ander's Clinic and immediately after leaving it go to this ladder on the right hand side that you see and go to it. You should be able to enter if you have found all 3 scrolls and defeated the arcane horror, shades, and revenants. Enter the ladder and this will begin the main quest "Pride Unbound".

Once you enter it's pretty straight-forward literally go straight until you enter a huge room, once you do a cutscene and dialogue will occur between you and a huge Pride Demon. Soon the battle will begin. Once you kill him the achievement will pop.