Demon Door achievement help

Unlocked all the Demon Doors, but the achievement hasn't popped, any ideas


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Seening as obviously you are all as stumped as me, I've done a bit of research into the door at Mistpeak which is the one that I did last. Invite a player to a local co op or over Live but you both must have The Lovers Expression Pack to pull off the necessary expressions Kiss, Hug and Tickle. In addition to this I've noticed some sites reporting that both participants must have the ability to marry!!? Can anyone confirm or deny this.

Most of the above is correct except for the last part. On differnt run throughs I have tried this with 2 males and also with two females, they both worked. This is also one you can do couch co-op if you have two controllers and a hero on a seperate profile.

do you guys have the dlc traitors keep the last door is in there .but there is a problem ive been in all seven doors and i still dont have the achievement .you have to start all over again if you went in anydoor before you downloaded the dlc stupid i know .need any help just add and ask

You're kidding right!! You mean say that if I've done 5 of the original doors then downloaded Traitors Keep, open that door thats included in the DLC, then go and do the last original door in the game...... I won't get the achievement!!..... WTF!.... What's the difference what order it's done in, surely the game must recognise that all the doors have been opened.

yeh m8 thats what happend to me i opend all six..dont get me wrong it might work for other people but not for me .when i opened the last door in traitors keep it flashed up 1/7.progress.fracking bollocks if you ask me .

I have gotten this achievement. I opened traitors keep last but when i first arrived there it flashed 1/7 and went allt he way to 6/7 and then i opened the last door and I got the acheivement but now that damn 7/7 freed is stuck on my screen . I mean it doesnt do anything but aggrivate the hell out of me.

Make sure ye guys get all the diaries in the traitors keep dlc in one sitting. They are also glitched.

Finally got this achievement the other evening, I had to start a new game but with the sole intention of just doing enough to get this achievement. Shame on you Lionhead!!

don't know what problem you had with the diaries but i did 4 of faraday's at one time then the next day came back and got the last one. no glitch either