Demolition ?

If you play demolition then you probably know that when you are planting the bomb and the game time runs out, you are able to still plant the bomb and continue playing until the other team de-fuses it.  Yesterday (before the xbox outage) I was in that situation and the time ran out.  However, while in mid plant the game ended and it didn't let me finish the plant.  Did anyone else happen to experience this?  Or was it just some kind of glitch?  Just wondering if I should go after the plant with 5 seconds left anymore.


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  I've never seen the timer extend while planting, only if you get the plant complete before time runs out.

Maybe they fixed it? I do know what you're talking about. I thought it was weird when I first noticed you would actually get extra time to plant the bomb if you started the planting before the time ran out. Gotta play some demolition to see if it's truly been changed...

Ive never noticed that. The few times I played Demo, I avoided the objective like the plague. :P

What the original poster is saying is true... the time will disappear when you plant the bomb right before the clock runs out, giving you extra time to plant the bomb. Sometimes it doesn't do that though... it's weird.

I have only been in that situation once and I was able to plant the bomb with the time being gone

  Does it maybe work only in overtime, or maybe only in the regular rounds?  Or maybe even if you have it a certain percentage into it?


   Because I'm like 90% sure I've had the clock run out while planting

It's not just an overtime thing. I remember when I first noticed it I already stopped playing and was waiting for the 2nd round when the timer disappeared and a couple of seconds later the bomb had been planted.

  i do remember one time in hq the hq was just located with 15 seconds left and we were ahead by 15 points. I just hung back figuring it was over. But somehow in 15 seconds, the hq came online, got captured by the enemy and they got 20 points to pass us for the win. Seems to me it takes 10 or 15 seconds before it comes online and another 15 seconds just to capture it with 2 or 3 teammates helping.